Reports of SCAS Meeting - 12th April 2008

The County was represented by   J. Willson and G .Sibley


Bearing in mind that the Council meeting was followed by the A.G.M in the afternoon and that subject matters were closely allied, I have to some extent combined both meetings in this report.  Apart from the addition of four or five individuals, the attendance was made up of  representatives of the morning meeting.


I held proxy notices on behalf The Pilgrim Archers and Bowmen of Ardleigh, there were no matters which required the use of proxy votes.


The meeting accepted the Council minutes of 12th January 2008 and AGM Minutes of the 14thApril,2007.  Matters arising were of a general nature and did not require substantial discussion.


The Secretary’s Report was presented by Brian Purnell, who stated that , to date, the Region had a membership of 9914.  Problems that had been inherited from the previous two years had now been resolved. He further advised that he woiuld be standing down with effect of this meeting, and up to this moment in time, there had been no volunteers to take over the office, which would not be available from Monday the 14th April.  The meeting discussed this situation and a number of his duties were split between several people to enable the Region to function.  Of  the people concerned  one would cover the day-to-day administration, one would take the minutes, one would deal with the data for the Green Book,  At the end of reports Brian Purnell was presented with the Gold SCAS. Badge in thanks for his ten years in office.


Treasurer’s Report was given by Chris Fletcher-Campbell who described the difficulties of getting the authority from the Banks to sign cheques and of deciphering the accounts for 2005/2006. A situation has now been reached which should enable the Society to have to hand proper audited accounts for these two years and the current 2007 financial year. SCAS currently held a balance of £80.5k.  In keeping with the re-direction of the Secretary’s roles, he will in future, be in receipt of affiliation forms direct from County sources. Thanks were offered for him and the Accountant  for the unravelling of the 2005/2006 accounts.


The Tournament Organisers’  gave a resume’ of the current situations regard the SCAM and Inter-County events. Their full reports were as provided in the Green Book Annual  report.


Field Liasion Officer  gave details of 2007 results and of the Tournaments for 2008. He pointed out the change in FITA Ruling regarding scoring, ie the Inner X zone will Score 6 points, the outer Gold 5 points. The remaining scoring areas are unchanged.  The 2008 SCAS Field championships will be held at Kingsbury, Sussex, 9th / 10th August.


Judges Liaison Officer reported that Judges will shortly be issued with high-visual waistcoats, Yellow for Target, Orange for Field, with the word Judge on the back. Judges had been allocated to the Regional Tournaments.


Chairman of Coaching and Coaching Finance Officer  Neither of these Officer’s attended and as a consequence no report was available.


EAF Representative gave a brief report on matters so far. A question arose regarding the possibility of Inter-Regional Matches, this would be taken to the EAF for consideration.


Child Protection and Junior Liaison  Written report was presented and, this, in view of it’s nature, I reproduce in full, since the directive has been endorsed by GNAS Council


Child Protection:  1) the CPP is now Mandatory, clubs who do not accept the guide Rules or the policy will not be GNAS Members.    2) The GNAS Case Referral Panel will make an immediate decision about whether any individual accused of abuse should be temporarily suspended pending further police and social services inquiries.  If a member is temporarily suspended they must return their GNAS Membership card to the GNAS Child Protection Officer.   3) there are a number of principles that should be followed when the activity involves physical contact. 4) Physical  contact during sport should always be intended to meet the child’s needs, NOT the adults. The adult should only use physical contact if their aim is to: develop sports skills or techniques, to treat an injury or accident from occurring, to meet the requirements of the sport.


The following Officers’ were elected

                        Vice-President   Mr J Kember-Smith

                        Chairman           Dr Steve Ellison


                        Treasurer           Mr C Fletcher-Campbell

                        SCAM                 Mr N Dimmock

                        Field                   Mr P Turner



                                                                                                            J. WILLSON  12.04.08