Luke Willett - Double National Champion in 2008 !!


I debated whether to send this email as I don't want to use the Essex web site to just promote Luke but nevertheless, I hope that the Essex archers who have supported Luke during his leaner times would now like to know of another success. I'll leave it up to you to decide and won't be in any way offended if you decide everyone's probably had enough!
Luke and I travelled to Bradford for the National Clout Championships on Saturday and in blustery/showery conditions managed to finish rather well. Neither of has had sight marks for our respective rounds so spent the first dozen trying to find one - in my case scoring a grand total of 11 in the first dozen and one of those was a fluked 5. However, things improved with Luke reaching a total for the double clout at 140 yards of 233. The junior national trophy is awarded to the highest score at any distance which usually favours the shorter rounds, but on this occasion Luke came out on top.
My success came in the final end when I surprised everyone by shooting a perfect clout winning me a nice silver salver for a year. Surely this is a much more difficult thing to achieve than two national championships in the same year.....
Keith Willett (Noak Hill Archers)