I had a dream..............

Actually, I did!  I dreamt that someone phoned me and told me that, in my President’s Remarks at the AGM, I had not thanked a couple of hard working officers; Marlene Hutchins and Dennis Saville.  Still in my dream, I felt quite affronted that this person would have the nerve to tell me I had overlooked thanking someone. After all, I always make a special point of thanking everybody who worked for the County!


When I awoke, this was still on my mind and the residue of annoyance was hanging over me.  Although, if anyone knows me well enough, they would realise that I would only ever appreciate it if someone would put me right on any omission.


Within minutes reality hit me  -  I had not, in fact, thanked those two people who do so much for the County. So here I am, on my knees (for as long as I can manage), begging their forgiveness for this oversight.


Marlene Hutchins (Vice President): Thanks for all the work you do with the Summer League, Andy Harris League and as Minutes Secretary and for keeping me informed of all the results, in which she knows I am interested.


Dennis Saville: Thanks for all your work with the Bray League and, jointly with Marion, as ECAA representatives at GNAS.


Tom Major (President of ECAA)                                                        11th February, 2008