GB Olympic team announced

On Wednesday and Thursday 19 and 19 June 2008 the 2008 Olympics Selection Final took place at the National Sports Centre, Lillishall.  The first day was overcast with a gusting wind blowing diagonally across the field.  The second day started bright and sunny but soon changed to a cloudy day with wind having changed direction and blowing towards the archers. At times the wind speed reached 20 mph.


Shooting on the first day comprised of  two 70 metre rounds, starting at 1000.


The second day comprised of six head to head matches of 12 arrows each.


Members of the team are:

Gents:-                                 Ladies:-

Simon Terry                        Naomi Folkard
Larry Godfrey                     Alison Williamson
Alan Wills                           Charlotte Burgess


Tom Barber                       Emma Downie

Robin Frost