FITA announce rule changes - July 2008

To All Archers


Will you all please note the following changes to F.I.T.A. Rules which became effective from 1 April 2008.




Sports shoes must be worn by all athletes and coaches during Target events. Sports shoes may be different styles but mustcover the entire foot.





Articles and


Scopes must be adjusted so that the highest portion of the scope is no higher than the armpit of the athletes.






Remove.- The bowstring material may not be of a higher specification then Dacron.









Articles and


An arrow shot on the competition field after the DOS has officially closed the practice session (which is after the pulling of the practice arrows); or during the breaks between distances or rounds, will cause the athlete to lose the highest scoring arrow of the next scoring end. 


The use of a flag to attract the attention of a Judge has been removed in all cases.









Article  (Field)


The time limit is changed to three (3) minutes from when the athlete takes position at the shooting peg.









Article (Field)


The judge will show a yellow card as a warning when 30 seconds of the three (3) minutes remain. No shooting will be allowed after the 3 minutes has passed and the Judge has stopped the shooting.











Robin Frost


National Judge