Essex v. Cambridge County Match - 18th May 2008

The Essex team made its way to the venue at Fenland Archers ground in Whittlesey, north Cambridgeshire for the annual match between the two counties. This was a new ground to the Essex team, organised by the new Cambridgeshire Team Manager for his first county match. Adult recurve, compound and longbow were shot, with some confusion about the Junior team composition not being resolved until late.

The ground was open and flat, so the wind which was gusty, affected all archers to the same extent. Although bright and sunny, the wind was cold and lazy( too lazy to go round you – just straight through). The rounds shot were York, Hereford and Bristols with Longbows shooting one distance down (sorry Helen!). The junior result was calculated on Handicap scores.


The results were success in all cases for Essex.


Senior Recurve  -  Essex 5573, Cambridgeshire  5194


Senior Compound -  Essex 4202, Cambridgeshire 4128


Senior Longbow – Essex 1770, Cambridgeshire 1221


Juniors ** -  Essex 4259, Cambridgeshire 3906

** Note Cambridgeshire could only field junior recurve archers, no junior compound was available butEssex won either way.


Essex scores

Senior Recurve

Yvonne Wade – 932, Martin Skinner – 975, Matt Webb – 937,

Andrew Smith – 920, Jason Robertson – 906, Peter Walker 903

Luke Willett* - 846, Alex Purser* 769 (* - excluded from team scores)


Senior Compound

Anna King – 1127, Tim Nash – 1062, Warren Stroud – 1057, George Fenton – 956


Senior Longbow

Helen Waterhouse – 606, Paul Whiteman – 491, Terry Riddick – 361,

Dave Adams – 312




Andrew Devlin – 1068, Sophie Cole – 1038, Louise Devlin – 896


Daisy Clark 1068


Congratulations to all archers for a superb performance and to parents for supporting. Special congratulations to Luke Willett ( U18 junior shooting a York), Daisy Clark, Sophie Cole, Louise Devlin and Jason Robertson on their county debut.


Peter Walker ( Team Manager)