Essex Senior Target Championships - 15th June 2008

It was off to the Noak Hill ground for this one, the regular venue for this event. The sky was clear blue, a good start for the day.


The Assembly was led off by Andy Reeves, who introduced the Lady Paramount, Marlene Hutchins (known to most of us as the long serving Minutes Secretary on the County Committee) and the judging team of Tony Ikel and Graham Sibley for the York/Hereford and Robin Frost for the Westerns which would start a little later. Robin informed us that the Juniors on the day before had finished shooting by 4-30pm and hoped we Seniors could do the same.


Sighters started on time and shooting went well, but problems gradually built up and so we needed a shortened lunch break to ensure we finished at a reasonable time. One of the problems was a tricky wind building up, which caused quite a few misses or arrows hitting the target frames rather than the targets. With the speculative regulations about carrying sheaf knives, it was rather amusing to find even the judges had left theirs at home, so digging these arrows out of the woodwork caused some difficulties.


Mayflower was well represented on the day, and managed a recurve team award, headed by “Our Wendie”, winner of the Ladies Recurve Hereford round. Without a lady compound shooter, we were unfortunately, not in contention for the compound team award.


However, Andy Reeves informed us this would be the last time he would be doing the organising. We hope very much that someone else from the Noak Hill Club will come forward for next year. So a well earned “Thanks” to the Noak Hill team, work party, cooks and organisers, for a most enjoyable days shooting, well organised and pleasantly run.


Sorry, no pictures this time, so much pressure and the time went so quickly.



Mitch Vaughan, Mayflower Archers