Death of the Moonlight has been greatly exaggerated!

At a recent league match, I was made aware that there is a rumour going around that we won’t be running the Moonlight this year because of the talk about safety at night shoots which came up in AUK a few months ago. I just want to declare at no time have we even considered not running the shoot, and that the death of the Moonlight has been greatly exaggerated; there will be a Moonlight this year!

When the topic came up we discussed this within Malgrave and determined the approach we might take to this. We then took advice as to whether there were any issues, and have satisfied ourselves and advisors that the shoot will comply with the requirements as defined this year, but more importantly it will be safe!!


I would be grateful if you could circulate this message via the Essex County web site, as I am keen to let everyone know that we will be going ahead this year, and that arrangements will be made to ensure that the shoot will comply with the requirements.

Chris Bushell (Bowmen of Malgrave)