Abbey Bowmen Portsmouth - 17th February 2008

This year, as usual, good support for this very popular indoor competition. Because of timing restraints on hire of the hall, this shoot is unusual in having 3 details. This does rather extend the time the competition takes. For this reason the organisers allow for a “comfort break” at the halfway stage. This is also because of the distance to the nearest toilets. Last year there were problems because of refurbishment of parts of the building. This now seems to have been completed, but the toilet provisions are still rather limited and it was most unusual to find a queue for the gents.



I believe the judges had planned the break to occur after two and a half dozen arrows, but fate stepped in and after two dozen and 3 arrows, target stand 19/20 collapsed, with most of the arrows still waiting to be pulled. Fortunately, a couple of archers managed to grab the butt before it hit the ground and kept it upright. So while another stand was located and the target reset-up, everyone took a break.



After this, everything ran smoothly enough under the control of judges Graham Sibley and Mike Pearce and continued to the end of shooting.



Another diversion occurred at the start of the customary raffle, where the sound system which had been set-up for the benefit of the master of ceremonies, failed to work. However this was put right in time for the presentation of awards by our Lady Paramount, Betty Sibley.



Thanks to the Organisers and Work Party for making this shoot possible and for getting the results onto their website so speedily.


Mitch Vaughan (Mayflower Archers)