9th February - 6th Annual Ken Gray Memorial Shoot - Mayflower


Shooting a Portsmouth round, teams from Oakfield, Abbey, Rayleigh, Epping, Chelmsford Tudor Rose, Burntwood and Mayflower supported this invitation shoot for less experienced archers. Theoretically it should allow our more experienced juniors to step back, educate and take a turn at scoring. However, we did have a team of willing parents.

Despite it being a novice competition and there were plenty of novices, the standard of shooting seems to be getting higher. However, most archers seemed to be relaxed and enjoying the event, which is the whole point of the tournament. You only need look at the photos to see quite a few smiley faces and in particular, the winner of ‘Best Gold’. Those teams I spoke to said they had enjoyed themselves and as usual, the enjoyment and the accuracy increased when it came to the “World famous, Billericay balloon shoot”. It’s amazing how many balloons you can burst in a few minutes.


Thanks go to Judges Graham Sibley and Mike Pearce, Lady Paramount Wendie Stevens, caterer Shirley Purser, all Mayflower helpers, Alex Purser for the total organisation and all clubs who entered teams that make this event worthwhile.




1st        Oakfield            433

2nd       Rayleigh            405

3rd        Mayflower          403


Best Gold           Luke Baharie                 Chelmsford Tudor Rose

Worst White      George Whitley              Chelmsford Tudor Rose

Judges prize      Johnny Piccou                 Epping ‘B’

Lady P girls        Emma Wheatley             Rayleigh

Lady P boys        Richard Wise                 Epping ‘A’