Mayflower Archers – 2nd World Archery 18M & Head to Head Tournament

Mayflower Archers hosted their second WA18 and Head to Head tournament on 22nd January at Mayflower School, Billericay. The event attracted archers from the four corners of Essex as well as Kent, Surrey, Sussex and Hertfordshire.

Having spent some time away from the competition scene now, I found this format really entertaining to watch, especially as the head to head phases progressed. Aided by electronic timing and a nifty black and yellow score card pinned to the foot of each target, spectators had no doubt about how each archer was performing at the finish of each end. Having never shot this format before, I can imagine it requires nerves of steel and it is great that we have one of these shoots in the county for our top and developing archers to practice at.

The other noticeable element is the number of judges needed to run the event – there were a total of six at lead by Richard Pilkington and assisted by Steven Johnson, Michael Pearce, Tori Mill, Paul Clark and Debbie Horn. Our thanks to all of the judges for helping to make this such an entertaining event.

The other nice feature was music that played throughout the tournament thanks to a nifty sound system and great playlist provided by Judge Steven Johnson (I think it went down well at least!)

The winning archers were:

Recurve Men – Michael Judd (Mayflower Archers)

Recurve Women – Lauren Bann (Rayleigh Town)

Compound Men – Mitchell Philpott (Sutton Bowmen)

Compound Women – Layla Annison (Norfolk Bowmen)

Our thanks to Alex Purser for superbly organising this highly technical shoot, for which the many moving parts had great potential for failure, but in fact ran like clockwork!

More photos available at

Robert Markham